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A business attorney is a legal professional who takes care of an array of law related matters in businesses. Lawyers are well trained individuals who attend four years of undergraduate university studies before applying to law school. There is stiff competition to be admitted into these prestigious graduate programs.

An applicant must be bright, reputable and motivated. He or she must pass entrance examinations as well as interviews. Once admitted, he or she must study long hours and pass a difficult series of tests called the State Bar Examination.

These tests are divided into segments and are extremely challenging, to say the least. Some legal representatives become general counsels for a broad range of needs while others specialize in specific concentrations such as family, divorce, criminal, immigration law, or personal injury. Business law practices handle an array of legalities for small or large companies. Some examples include:

– Compliance: In order to operate a company, there are regulations that a manager or biz owner must comply with. If there are charges of wrong doing or the owner just wants to stay on track in the first place, legal representation may be needed.

– Licenses and permits: Biz licenses are required for nearly every venue. This is true whether the company is a child care center, bakery or car wash. Zoning permits to open shop in certain storefronts or locations are necessary.

– Copyright: Copyright laws protect inventors and others from having their ideas copied or stolen from them. Infringement of copyright is an illegal action. Property as well as ideas may be copyrighted.

– Taxes: Federal, state and local taxes must be handled properly and this may take both an accountant

and a lawyer.

– Bankruptcy: The current economic climate has soured the finances of both individuals and companies. A personal bankruptcy will require a representative with knowledge and savvy in the realm of consumers. When a corporation or small biz goes under, a business attorney will be necessary.

– Issues with employee relations: Employees are necessary for the health of a company. There is much legality that must be adhered to including payroll, discrimination, workers’ compensation and more.

– Immigration: Immigration law and regulation is quite complex and changes all the time. There is lots of pressure on employers to properly document all workers so that all employees are legal citizens.

– Incorporations: The financial set-up of a company may be an S-corporation, a sole propriety among others. This is a multi-stepped legal process which must be followed to the letter.

– Purchase: When purchasing a franchise or existing company, a prospective owner needs an attorney on board to make sure all t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

– Contracts: Before signing the dotted line on any contract, it is wise to have a savvy professional look over all contractual agreements. Contracts are binding and it’s best to have a lawyer check everything out first.

There are various types of lawyers available to represent citizens. Owners of a company should speak with a business attorney if they have any questions that pertain to legalities.

What Does A Business Attorney Do?

Last Updated on February 12, 2022